in-cosmetics Global
16-18 April 2024

What is Colleqt QR?

in-cosmetics Global is a Smart Event meaning you no longer have to collect business cards or carry around flyers or brochures. Look out for Colleqt QR codes at every stand and feature area to quickly get their information using your smartphone and share your details with them.

How Colleqt QR helps you

Everything in one place

Collect all the info on exhibitors you have visited immediately on your phone and in a summary email you can share with colleagues

More sustainable

No need to carry around printed brochures and cards, have a lighter and more sustainable experience

Never miss out

If a stand is busy, scanning their Colleqt QR means you will not miss out on receiving their information and contacts

How to use your Colleqt Smart Badge

Step 1

Open the camera app on your smartphone or tablet device.

Step 2

Scan the Colleqt QR code on any stand to receive information on that exhibitor.

Step 3

Tap the link and then scan the QR code on your badge. You only have to do this once!

Step 4

Continue to scan Colleqt QR codes throughout the event. They will immediately appear on your Colleqt list. 

Step 5

You will receive a summary email each day with detailed information on each exhibitor you have scanned.

Please note: All attendees will receive their Colleqt Smart Badge by email to be printed before arriving at in-cosmetics Global. By scanning a QR code, you are agreeing to be contacted by that exhibitor in the future.

Find help while at in-cosmetics Global

If you need help with Colleqt while at in-cosmetics Global, look out for our support staff or head to the Information Point.

Plan your visit

Get help and find everything you need to know about visiting this year’s event. 

Discover exhibitors

Find all of this year’s exhibitors in the exhibitor directory.