in-cosmetics Global
16-18 April 2024

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What can I learn at in-cosmetics Global

Marketing Trends 

Access market intelligence and insights in personal care from top research agencies like Mintel and Euromonitor. Join engaging presentations and panel discussions to stay ahead on industry regulations and trends. Gain a head start by incorporating these insights into your product development briefs, positioning yourself to launch the next cult cosmetic product.

Technical Seminars

Explore cutting-edge personal care technologies and specifications from top ingredient suppliers like Solvay and Clariant. Collect scientific evidence to support product claims and inspire your next formulations. Gain valuable insights into key personal care ingredients while suppliers share innovative concepts. Stay at the forefront of industry advancements and elevate your product development strategies.

Formulation Lab

Hone your formulation skills with expert guidance from top ingredient suppliers such as Brenntag, Dow Silicones and Univar Solutions. Participate in interactive sessions Formulation Lab sponsored by Brenntag and overseen by Enkos Developments to grasp new formulation techniques. Gain theoretical insights and hands-on practice in a fully equipped lab on the show floor and master the art of formulating finished products using cutting-edge ingredients.

Sustainability Zone Theatre

Enhance your company's practices and elevate your sustainability credentials by exploring the latest advancements in sustainable solutions. Learn from expert presentations by industry pioneers like AAK and The Green Chemist Consultancy. Transform your business structures to embrace true sustainability, reducing environmental impact from ingredient sourcing to waste management.

Sustainability Zone Forum

Explore innovative approaches to advancing sustainable cosmetic development pathways in the Sustainability Zone Forum. This one-day program, curated by the Green Chemistry Consultant, delves into traceability, regulations, and more. Improve your understanding and learn how to foster effective stakeholder engagement across the entire cosmetic product lifecycle and value chain.

What can I discover at the show.

Innovation Zone

Discover a wide range of newly launched personal care ingredients from every corner of the globe at the popular Innovation Zone sponsored by Ashland. Tailored for cosmetic scientists and R&D professionals, this curated space facilitates the identification of innovative active and functional ingredients, inspiring future formulations that can give your new finished products a cutting-edge advantage.

Make-up Bar

Explore vibrant pigments and colour trends at the Make-Up Bar, your source of inspiration for the next era of colour cosmetics. Experience innovative pigments and technologies that produce captivating shades and hues. Test and witness new, exciting makeup formulations, showcasing a range from eyeshadows and foundations to nail varnishes and lip lacquers.

Sensory Bar 

Explore the next frontier in cosmetic innovation at our Sensory Bar, where products promise invigorating sensations and exciting sensory experiences. Discover transformative textures in moisturisers, evocative fragrances for haircare, and heavenly tastes for lipsticks. Immerse yourself in the future of personal care formulations, sparking inspiration for your next cosmetic creation. 

Sustainability Display

Embark on a journey through the Sustainability Display sponsored by AAK, dedicated to responsible sourcing. Head to this interactive educational area to discover the latest advancements in sustainable personal care, including ingredient display pods showcasing the latest sustainable raw materials. Meet leading vendors whose environmental and social sustainability initiatives are proven to reduce environmental impact. 


Testing, Regulation & Lab Zone

Discover cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions at the Testing, Regulation & Lab Zone, presented in partnership with Skinobs. Participate in "Boost your Test," to identify the most suitable testing methods and vendors. Ensure the safety, stability, and extended shelf-life of personal care products by exploring the latest trends in lab equipment and measuring devices.

Fragrance Zone

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of scents at the Fragrance Zone, featuring prestigious fragrance houses, extract producers, and ingredient distributors. Gain expert advice, explore regional differences, and source aromatic components from international suppliers like Luzi AG and CPL Aromas. Indulge your senses in a journey of new scents and fragrance trends. 


Sustainability Pavilion

Visit the Sustainability Pavilion powered by Farmforce to identify and explore sustainable solutions across the cosmetics value chain. Connect with suppliers ready to help you elevate your sustainability efforts and take corrective actions to optimise practices in your supply chain. Discover the support available to transform and enhance transparency in the industry's environmental impact.


First Time Exhibitor Zone

Explore the exciting debut of over 100 first-time exhibitors at in-cosmetics Global, showcasing new personal care suppliers from around the world. Dive into the future of formulation with this diverse line-up, offering a spectrum of ingredients, fragrances, lab equipment, testing, and regulatory solutions. Join us in discovering innovative contributions from visionary suppliers shaping the future of personal care.

Country Pavilions

Wander around our Country Pavilions – dedicated spaces that unite suppliers with a shared geographical origin. Immerse yourself in a global marketplace with suppliers from France, UK, Spain, Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia, Peru, and China. Discover natural ingredients promoting biodiversity and technical innovations in Biotech. Join us on a journey showcasing the richness of global personal care solutions.


Indie Trail

Follow the Indie Trail to identify companies offering ingredients in smaller quantities. Curated and developed for small brands bringing unique and niche products to the market in smaller batches. Discover a diverse landscape of suppliers specialising in small-scale ingredient supply and collaborate with them on your creative journey to become the next cult indie brand.

R&D Tours

Embark on R&D Tours exploring three leading ingredient trends. Gain first-hand exposure to innovations guided by an expert. Sponsored by Mibelle Biochemistry, Probiotical, and Symrise, explore Neurocosmetics, Advancement in Microbiome, and Skinification of the Scalp. Efficiently navigate the event’s must-see areas and leave feeling inspired with fresh ideas for future formulations.

Mintel Live demos

Experience Mintel Live Demos at the Innovation Zone, unveiling the main trends and products shaping the beauty industry's future. Gain insights into global consumer behaviour and its impact on beauty and personal care market. Backed by robust data and expert opinions, you will gain valuable market expertise and strategic recommendations to help you make faster beauty business decisions.

How can I toast the best in cosmetic science?

Awards and After Party

Celebrate industry achievements at the Awards and After Party sponsored by Kenvue featuring six categories, including the prestigious Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Awards. Witness the presentation of 17 awards, toasting the best in pioneering innovations. Recognise cutting-edge science and product features delivering substantial benefits to both manufacturers and end-users. Join us for a night of accolades and revelry in honouring excellence.

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